CFX Customer Loyalty Program

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Make every purchase count!

Enroll today and start earning a free CFX service plan when you purchase PCR consumables from Bio-Rad.

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Loyalty Program

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How to Participate

By purchasing any combination of Bio-Rad amplification reagents, PCR plastics or PrimePCR™ assays and panels, you can earn a 12-month on-site service plan for your CFX96 Touch, CFX384 Touch, or CFX Connect at no additional charge to you.

Enroll your CFX instrument into the CFX Loyalty Program and receive a unique CFX Loyalty Number

Report your CFX Loyalty Number each time you purchase qualifying amplification reagents, plastics or PrimePCR

Earn a 12-month service plan on qualifying CFX Real-Time PCR Detection systems when you purchase $12,000 of qualifying PCR consumables within 1 year